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          新視野大學英語讀寫教程第二版第 2 冊課后練習答案 Unit 1 Section A: Vocabulary III. 1. charge 2. convention 3. efficient 4. obtain 5. competent 6. asessing 7. fulfill 8. conducting 9. consequently 10. significance IV. 1. behind 2. at 3. in 4.out 5. to 6. to 7.in 8.with 9.but 10. for V. 1. L 2. C 3.D 4. N 5. O 6.A 7. E 8.G 9.I 10. K Word Building VI. 1. commitment 2. attraction 3. appointment 4. impression 5. civilization 6. composition 7. confusion 8. congratulation 9. consideration 10. explanation 11. acquisit ion 12. depression VII. 1. advisable 2. desirable 3. favorable 4. considerable 5. remarkable 6. pr eferable 7. drinkable 8. acceptable Sentence Structure VIII. 1. much less can he write English articles 2. much less can he manage a big company 3. much less could he carry it upstairs 4. much less have I spoken to him 5. much less to read a lot outside of it IX. 1. Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive. 2. We thought she was rather proud, whereas in fact she was just very shy. 3. We have never done anything for them, whereas they have done so mu ch for us. 4. Natalie prefers to stay for another week, whereas her husband prefers to leave immediately. 5. Some praise him highly, whereas others put him down severely. Translation X. 1. She wouldn\'t take a drink, much less could she stay for dinner. 2. He thought I was lying to him, whereas I was telling the truth. 3. How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week?

          4. The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy. 5. Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency. 6. We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on. XI. 1. 我認為他不會搶劫,更不用說暴力搶劫了. 2. 男工平均工資每小時 10 美元,而女工才每小時 7 美元. 3. 自然界的平衡一旦遭到破壞,就會帶來很多不可預知的影響. 4. 期終考試迫在眉睫,你最好多花點時間看書. 5. 有趣的是,消費者發現越來越難以辨別某些品牌的原產國.其部分原因來自于全球 化帶來的影響,部分原因是由于產地的變化. 6. 最近一次表明,婦女占總勞動力的 40%. Cloze XII. 1. C 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. C 11. D 12. C 1 3. C 14. B 15. A Structured Writing XIV. A larger and larger part of society is expressing its concern about environm ental protection. Active in their concern, teachers and students hold specific meetings to discuss environmental protection. Also, city planners take envir onmental problems into serious consideration. And, though reducing pollution can be expensive, factories often take every possible measure to do their part. Many people are concerned and active because air and water pollution affects everyone and makes it difficult for cities to survive and businesses to make a profit. Section B Comprehension of the Text I. Main idea of Para. 1: Studying in a different country is a new experience, b ut there are also some challenges. Main idea of Para. 2: The first stage of culture-shock adjustment is ―the ho neymoon‖. Main idea of Para. 3: The second stage of culture shock, ―the hostility stag e‖, eventually occurs. Main idea of Para. 4: At this point, some defense mechanisms are devised to protect yourself against the effects of culture shock. Main idea of Para. 6: The third stage of culture shock adjustment, ―recover y‖, starts. II. 1. D 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. B Vocabulary

          III. 1. utilize 2. reject 3. considerable 4. temporary 5. acceptable 6. recognition 7. alleviate 8. appreciate 9. furthermore 10. interact IV. 1. interact with 2. gone through 3. deal with 4. recovered with 5. adjustin g to 6. familiar to 7. In spite of 8. were tired of 9. prevented from 10. came t o Unit 2 Section A Vocabulary III. 1. promising 2. amusing 3. lowered 4. persisted 5. rank 6. swear 7. unfair 8. presence 9. frowning 10. approximately IV. 1. on 2. upon 3. on 4. in 5. by 6. to 7. in 8. of 9. on 10. out V. 1. O 2. K 3. D 4. H 5. J 6. E 7. M 8. G 9. B 10. A Word Building VI. 1. observe—observer: one who observes a person or an event 2. ski—skier: one who skis 3. visit—visitor: one who visits somebody or some place 4. learn—learner: one who learns something 5. report—reporter: one who reports on persons or events for a newspaper 6. drink—drinker: one who often drinks alcohol, esp. too much VII. 1. tropical 2. musical 3. occasional 4. environmental 5. global 6. dangerous 7. natural 8. central Sentence structure VIII. 1. They didn\'t lose heart despite of lots of frustration. 2. Despite the heavy rain,the boys played football in the yard all afternoon. 3. I will try my best despite the slim chances of success. 4. Despite a thorough search for the escaped prisoner in the mountain,no si gn of him was found. 5. Despite their increased income,their life became poorer because of the ri sing prices. IX. 1. nor do I think it necessary to do so 2. nor would they go to my sister\'s 3. nor do we have her telephone number 4. nor would I like to go to work immediately 5. nor would I Translation

          X. 1. Despite the fact that she is the only child in her family, she is never ba b by her parents. 2. Mike didn\'t come to the party last night, nor did he call me to give an e xplanation. 3. The person sitting next to him did publish some novels, but he is by no means a great writer. 4. He has no interest in football and is indifferent to who wins to loses. 5. The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of p roblems in his absence. 6. This is the first time that he has made a speech in the presence of so l arge an audience. XI. 1. 盡管那項計劃一開始就證明是不切實際的,但是他們還是堅持要實施. 2. 我無法說服他接受這項計劃,也無法使他認識到這項計劃的重要性. 3. 你是怎么把那么多東西塞進這個小行李箱的? 4. 別人對他怎么看,他全不在意. 5. 我能否指出你犯了個小錯誤. 6. 他母親讓他開車慢一點兒,但是他從不把她的話放在心上. Cloze XII. 1. B 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. D 11. B 12. D 1 3. B 14. C 15. D XIV. Computers, just like any new technology, have a negative side. As more an d more computers are used in production lines, many jobs are being taken over by computer-controlled machines. As a result, many workers are findin g themselves jobless. This constitutes a threat to social security. Another pr oblem is computer crimes. For example, some people are finding ways to b reak into the bank computer systems and transfer large sums of money to t heir own accounts. There have been many reports like this. One more nega tive effect of computers is that they bring about health problems. Sitting in f ront of computers all day undoubtedly affects people’s health. Back pain, wr ist pain, failing eyesight, to name only a few. Section B Reading skills I. 1. D 2. A 3. A 4. C 5. B Comprehension of the Text II. 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. A 8. B Vocabulary III. 1. sake 2. sacrificed 3. crack 4. pursuing 5. explosive 6. overcome 7. indica ted 8. opponents 9. stripped 10. den

          IV. 1. Natasha made herself stand out in the group interview by acting as the l eader in her group. 2. To be successful, you need a careful plan, good luc k, help at the right time, and above all, hard work. 3. They are not doing this to gain recognition or money; they are doing this for the sake of society. 4. It was actually what he said rather than what he did that made me sad. 5. Once my mother sets her mind on something, it will be very hard to sto p her. 6. Years of research had set the stage for their success in their field. 7. Local people are used to the phenomenon, so they are not surprised at all. 8. Today at this meeting we are going to focus on the question of air pollut ion. 9. He never expected that his best friend would charge him with cheating i n the exam. 10. His parents were so strict with him in his studies that he had little time to participate in any activities outside of class. Unit 3 Section A Vocabulary III. 1. mutual 2. illusion 3. canceled 4. overlooked 5. proceeded 6. resolve 7. prejudice 8. compromise 9. confirm 10. subsequently IV. 1. having nothing to do with 2. taking care of 3. met with 4. on the surface 5. work out 6. incompatible with 7. ups and downs 8. learned of 9. indication of 10. all along V. 1. M 2. L 3. F 4. D 5. H 6. O 7. A 8. C 9. I 10. K Word Building VI. 1. shopping 2. feeling 3. storage 4. cooking 5. ending 6. beginning 7. gathering 8. removal 9. arrival 10. passage 11. writing 12. marriage VII. 1. relationship 2. citizenship 3. leadership 4. membership 5. boyhood 6. livelihood 7. brotherhood 8. authorship 9. adulthood 10. neighborhood 11. wisdom 12. ownership Sentence structure VIII. 1. It is never too bad for us to do something about the situation. 2. One is never too old to learn.

          3. It is never too late for you to put a stop to this madness. 4. It is never too late for you to mend your ways. 5. His income was never too small to support his family. IX. 1. My best friend, Anna, was here last night. 2. The company manager, Mr. Madison, gathered his staff and announced t he decision. 3. You should have seen an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor. 4. He sent for the accountant, the most experienced person in accounting. 5. "Leave it to me," said David, the man on night duty. Translation X. 1. You are never too experienced to learn new techniques. 2. There remains one problem, namely, who should be sent to head the re search there. 3. Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences. 4. Though he has had ups and downs, I believed all along that he would s ucceed someday. 5. I have some reservations about the truth of your claim. 6. She isn\'t particularly tall, but her slim figure gives an illusion of height. XI. 1. 應盡早告知年輕人:必須認真對待法律. 2. 他現在面臨一個重要決定,這個決定可能會影響他的整個前程. 3. 即使在情況最糟糕的時候,你也必須保持鎮靜和信心. 4. 人際關系的成功與否與雙方相處是否融洽以及交流是否順暢有很大關系. 5. 他受到,身受重傷,隨后不治而亡. 6. 他的舉止至少在表面上像個正常人。

          Cloze XII. 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. C 10. D 11. B 12. A 1 3. D 14. C 15. D Structured Writing XIV. Many people place so much emphasis on success that they think any failur e is bad. Failure is never pleasant because it hurts people. But in fact is c an make a positive contribution to our life once we learn how to make the best of it. We can learn from a disastrous party how to give a good one. A nd we can learn from an ill-chosen first house what to look for in a second. Even a total failure can give us fresh ideas or a change of direction. Repe ated failures lead to success and prove to be beneficial to us as we experi ment every day to find out the right way of doing things.

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